Problem: TTU's Child Development Research Center needed their 20-year-old scheduling software to be modernized and made more user-friendly. They needed a way to send copies of the schedule to students, who were primarily on mobile devices. With their existing system, they had to print or take screenshots of the application in order to share the schedule. 

Texas Tech's CDRC had been using 20-year-old software that made it hard to train new employees. 

It was also locally run on a desktop, so there was no mobile version, which made it difficult for students to access their schedule.

Solution: I designed a web application that made it easier to create a schedule. This would reduce onboarding time and costs for TTU employees. I placed an emphasis on mobile responsiveness, especially for screens that were most often accessed by students. The application also allowed students to accept or reject the schedule each week, and to provide a note if they rejected it.
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